Ideal floor for balcony, terrace and around pool

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Popular types of flooring

Even an old balcony in a block of flats or a terrace next to the house can look stylish and not cause you any worries. Try our outdoor floor coverings. Almost immediately, you can improve any outdoor space by yourself and create a place to get lazy or to meet friends.

Get inspired

Are you wondering how to make your balcony cozy and create a nice place to relax there? Hestra tiles are easy to connect and click into each other. You can choose a one-color solution, combine colors, or reach for a wood pattern. Get inspired.

Order a floor sample

Aren’t you used to buy floors online? Do you prefer, when you can touch the tiles? Order a floor sample and see for yourself. You can compare whether the color will suit you, how the combination fits together, or how well the tiles are made.

Tile samples

There is nothing better then to look at the tiles with your own eyes. Order a sample.

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