Are you wondering how to lay a new floor? You don’t have to worry. Take a look at our instructions. And if you don’t know how to begin, give us a call. We will be happy to help.


Hard and flat subsoil is a prerequisite for ensuring a quality floor.
At the same time, do not place tiles on foils and Fatrafol-type materials, as this could damage them.


Sweep or vacuum the original surface to remove dirt.


A rubber hammer is enough to connect the floor tiles, and for cut-outs or cuts, depending on the installation area, only a saw with a fine blade or a snap-off knife


We recommend to start the installation from the corner of the room and continue laying in the direction from left to right. Lay the floor tiles near the wall so that the eyelets are visible on the right side. Watch the right angles.


Leave a gap of 10-15 mm between the floor tile and the wall. This space allows the thermal expansion of the material, especially when the floor is exposed to temperature fluctuations. For example, for outdoor use.


Gradually fasten one tile after another while using a locking system. Always push the pins into the eyelets so that the tiles are firmly connected.


Adjust the floor to the room with a saw or knife. During cutting, we recommend flipping the tiles (bottom side up) to make it easier to see a straight line where to cut. During cutting, make sure that other parts and the substrate are protected from damage.


If it is necessary or useful, finish the floor with edges and corner ramps. We offer these parts as accessories.


If you plan to use Hestra tiles in the garage, we recommend using screws to firmly fasten the first row of floor tiles to the subfloor. It is necessary that the floor does not move subsequently.

If your floor will be exposed to high loads, eg when transporting heavy objects, please contact us in advance. We will suggest you the ideal way to install the floor so that it can serve you well.


Hestra Plattan click tiles are easy and cheap to maintain and clean. They do not require any special care or cleaning agents. If you need to repair the surface, you can remove the tiles piece by piece or in larger pieces. Regardless of which part of the room or space the repair is necessary. In the same way, you can buy additional tiles over time and connect them to the original ones. They will fit.


Thanks to the low height (up to 12 mm), most household vacuum cleaners can vacuum dust and gravel through the holes in the pattern. If necessary, wipe the floor with water and a common detergent. The materialof the tiles can withstand most chemicals. However, you should avoid products containing solvents (such as thinner) as the color of the plastic may change.


If you have assembled the tiles on an original surface that can withstand contact with water, you can use a garden hose or a high-pressure hose to clean the floor.



The floor can be cleaned with a high pressure washer. However, make sure you use a low water flow.

We will save your time and we will lay the floor for you

Have you decided to lay Hestra Plattan tiles on an area larger than 80 m2? We will be happy to help you. We have experienced floorers in the team, for whom the application will be easy. Let us know.

We install the floor after telephone communication and evaluation of the premises on the basis of photographs. We need you to know what accessories to take with you and how much time will be needed for the application.

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