Ramps and cornes

Universal floor ramps for the Hestra, Universa and WoodLook tiles enable a smooth entry or transition to the floor. By finishing the floor with the help of ramps, you will achieve a perfect and complete appearance of the entire space. Ramps are made in the same colors to the appropriate tiles.


Ramps make it easier for you to enter the garage. Or nicely delimit the area that is not near the wall. You can choose the edges (ramps) in the same color as the rest of the tiles, or vice versa, thanks to a different color highlight it.

Ramp - type Woodlook

Ramp - type Universa

Ramp - type Hestra

Ramp - type Stone

Ramp - type Deck 45


You can use this practical accessory when installing an area that is free or not bounded by a wall. The corner part connects the ramps (edges) on the adjacent sides.

Ramp with corner - type Woodlook

Ramp with corner - type Universa

Ramp with corner - type Hestra

Ramp with corner - type Deck 45

Ramp with corner - type Stone

Benefits of Hestra tiles

The biggest advantages of the floor include easy installation, permeability, temperature resistance, UV-resistance and easy maintenance. The possibility of usage tiles is almost unlimited, because it is possible to use them in very hot as well as in humid or wet areas. They can cope with temperature fluctuations thanks to their special expansion function.

Do you prefer to see the tiles before buying? Order a sample of some of the collection.

Floor samples

Order samples of Hestra tiles and see it with your own eyes.

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